History in a hole: re-burial of a time-capsule at Civic Park

A visit to Civic Park at Pendle Hill in NSW, where we find the only Maltese monument in NSW, erected in 1988 as part of the Australian bicentenary celebrations, one can now notice with a sense of pride that the major revamp by the Cumberland Council to the tune of $16 million has reached the final stages and is expected to be inaugurated by end of April this year.

The Maltese Monument was built in the form of the eight-pointed cross and has not been disturbed but now stands in a much better environment.

The Time Capsule, first interred in 1988 near the monument, had to be relocated, It contains important information about the Maltese Community and is scheduled to be opened in 2038, fifty years after it was first placed in the ground.

It is encased in concrete and buried below the sandstone plinth approximately 600mm from the ground level, (see photos).

On the 14th February 2024, members of the Maltese Community Council of NSW witnessed the re-burial of the time capsule. President Miriam Friggieri and Treasurer Michael Zammit were accompanied by Lawrence Dimech, Co-Editor of The Voice of the Maltese and Marlene Dimech.

On behalf of Cumberland City Council was Senior Project Manager Maheir El Mohamad and his colleague David.

We encourage the Maltese to visit Civic Park to notice what is really happening to this area, better known as “Little Malta”.

*Pictures: Lawrence Dimech and Miriam Friggieri

By TVOTM Staff

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