Book launch for A Childhood Under Seige by Linda Peek

Miriam Friggieri, President of MCC NSW, introducing the book and author. Photo: Sandra Grech

On Saturday 17 February, 2024, the Maltese Community Council of NSW, (MCC) hosted a book launch together with Ms Linda Peek, the author of A Childhood Under Seige, at their premises in Parramatta West.

Author Linda Peek addressing the audience with the backdrop of the book’s cover page. Photo: Frances Montesin

There were a large number of people in attendance, and Linda Peek very quickly captured the attention of all those present with her gentle and expressive storytelling.

As Linda explained her reasons for writing this book, it was evident that her connection to Malta was very strong as she shared her reasons of why she felt compelled to write her mother’s story, who at the time was a young child, living in Malta with her father, who was posted to Malta with the Royal Engineers.

Author Linda Peek signing copies of the book. Photo: Frances Montesin

Many of the older people present were able to relate to what Linda was sharing with them, especially when she read a chapter from the book titled The Gun, where it was obvious to all present that emotions were running high.

Linda recounted her mother’s experience of witnessing first hand the continual bombing and lack of food by the Maltese people who, thanks to their resilient spirit, were able to withstand their suffering and triumph over the military might of Germany!

This story needs to be read by anyone who has a love of history or connection with Malta, as the period in which it is set highlights the struggles and triumphs of the Maltese people against all odds!

Some of those present at the book launch. Photo: Sandra Grech


By Marisa Privitera

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