Strategy to tackle the increasing incidence of dementia in Malta

Different studies have indicated that the number of people with dementia in Malta was expected to double to more than 3% of the population by 2050.

The increase is due to a significant increase in the number of people who are over 75 years old and in particular those over 85 years old, which is expected to triple by 2050.

This has led to the launch of the National Strategy for Dementia 2024-2031 with the theme ‘Reaching New Heights’. This strategy aims to continue to improve the quality of services and the quality of life of people living with this condition.

The aim of this strategy is to further increase awareness of dementia; that more precautionary measures are taken to reduce the risk of a person developing dementia; continuing to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia; to have more training for people who work with individuals with dementia; to strengthen the holistic care system that places the person at the center of the care plan; among other measures.

Minister Jo Etienne Abela explained how an analysis was made of the targets implemented in the first strategy as well as research was carried out on new practices. From this evaluation, several areas of action were identified in the strategy launched today, in order to address what our country needs to reach new levels in this care sector.

“Through this strategy, we will continue to fulfill the vision of this government to continue improving the services we offer that lead to a better quality of life,” concluded Minister Jo Etienne Abela.

Minister Jo Etienne Abela addressing the launch. Photo: Jo Etienne Abela via Facebook

Parliamentary Secretary Malcolm Paul Agius Galea reiterated that as our society continues to evolve into one with an increasingly aging population, health services need to adapt accordingly. “This strategy should lead to further improvement in the quality of our country’s health care system, as well as in the quality of life of our nation,” concluded Parliamentary Secretary Agius Galea.

By Brian Decelis

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