NGO calls to address parental alienation

As part of a week focusing on social justice, a conference organized in parliament considered a number of issues such as homelessness and the widening social gap, among others.

A key topic was that of judicial injustice, which was also the subject of a protest organized by NGO Happy Parenting Malta to raise awareness and call for urgent amendments in the law and improvements to the family court procedures to address parental alienation.

Photo: Maryrose Attard via Facebook

The NGO has proposed that there should be a special agency/board made up of experts in the subject and deal with the cases before the family goes to court. It is also proposing that access and alimony should be decriminalised.

The NGO also called for shared parenting arrangements where children roughly spend the same amount of time with each of their parents.

One of the speakers also highlighted the role that grandparents also played and that access to their grand children should not be curtailed.

Photo: Maryrose Attard via Facebook

Earlier, Justice Minister Jonathan Attard said his ministry was working on a legislative reform to tackle parental alienation and to create new structures that can guarantee more effective and efficient justice which is in the best interest of minors.

By Brian Decelis

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