• The end of the line?
    It is with regret to announce the resignation of Ivan Cauchi as the Co-Editor of the Voice of the Maltese with immediate effect.  Mr Cauchi has not always seen eye-to-eye with Mr Dimech on the new direction of The Voice of the Maltese, resulting in disagreements. Because of this situation, The Voice of the Maltese […]
  • Q&A February 2024
    Q. We are in our late 70s and own our own home. We have three adult children. Two of our children are financially comfortable and own their own home. My youngest son however is single and lives with us. He would like to own his own home but property prices keep going up and he […]
  • What you see is what you get ….. a Sydney-made top actor
    The Voice of the Maltese has chosen, as the February Personality of the Month one of the best-known Maltese actors/entertainers amongst the Maltese community in Australia. She made her name acting in Maltese theatre (it-teatrin Malti) which plays an important part in enhancing the intricate way our language is spoken. Even after so many years, […]
  • Asset Protection – Gifts from Parents in Family Law Matters
    Loving parents often give property to their children as expressions of love. However, these properties may be considered part of their children’s asset pool and subject to division in family law matters. Some people are concerned about protecting their assets in accordance with the law while still being able to freely give gifts to their […]
  • Q&A January 2024
    Q. I am 78 and my wife is 72. We are both still working but now believe it is time to retire. We have kept on working as we have been paying mortgages on investment properties that we own. We have decided to sell one of our investment properties and this will leave us, after […]