• L-Imħobża ♡
    For me, food is a love language. Food is love. Food is a very powerful way of creating a connection and expressing love. There is nothing more that brings me joy than seeing my loved ones enjoying a meal I’ve prepared with so much love. Food is a recipe for long-lasting love. Love, love, love… […]
  • Food: An Important Element of Culture
    What an exciting way to start the year! The Maltese Community here in Australia welcomed brothers from Malta, Keith and Fabian Demicoli earlier this month. The brothers are well known in Malta as TV hosts, news presenters and journalists. They recently received funding from the EU to produce an 8-part series featuring ways in which […]
  • Il-Bambaluna – The Lamington
    With Australia Day coming up soon, I thought it would be fitting to write about one of Australia’s iconic cakes – the lamington! It’s so iconic, it made its way to Malta where you’ll find it in a pink or red coating rather than the traditional chocolate coating. It is known by a few names […]
  • Maltese Christmas Log
    You will find different variations of the Christmas log all over the world. So where did the idea of a Christmas Log come from? Most historical sources mention that a log of wood was brought into the home around the winter solstice to warm up the house. The log was kept burning over a number […]
  • Maltese Sausage Apple Pie
    I love a good Maltese-fusion dish by combining Maltese food elements into something different. Whilst it seems like an unusual combination, trust me on this one. Using the iconic Maltese sausage, with its’ saltiness to contrast against the tart sweet taste of green apples, topped with a bit of creamy ricotta, this torta will have […]