• Q&A February 2024
    Q. We are in our late 70s and own our own home. We have three adult children. Two of our children are financially comfortable and own their own home. My youngest son however is single and lives with us. He would like to own his own home but property prices keep going up and he […]
  • Q&A January 2024
    Q. I am 78 and my wife is 72. We are both still working but now believe it is time to retire. We have kept on working as we have been paying mortgages on investment properties that we own. We have decided to sell one of our investment properties and this will leave us, after […]
  • Q & A December 2023
    Q. I am 63 and planning to retire in a month’s time, around Christmas. My wife is planning to continue to work for a while longer. I have a superannuation fund with a balance of $550,000. Can I just use a part of it to commence an account based pension or do I need to […]
  • Q&A November 2023
    Q. My wife is 71 and I am 74 and we have a holiday home in the country valued around $650,000. We are contemplating selling the property as we are not using the place much these days. If we sell, are we able to invest these funds in superannuation? A. As both you and your […]
  • Q&A 308
    Q. I am 65 years old and recently lost my job. I am on Jobseeker Allowance and doing volunteer work. I need to make a lump sum withdrawal of about $5000 from my super to pay some bills. Am I allowed to withdraw money from super? A. As you are 65 years of age you […]
  • Q&A 307
    Q. I am 78 years old and my wife is 74. We have two account based pensions and we have to take an income of around $100,000 for myself and around $60,000 for my wife from these pensions. We do not need all this income. Are we able to reduce our payments from these account […]
  • Q&A 306
    Q. I am 25 years of age and have a reasonably high paying job. I have surplus amount of income and wish to invest some of this in investments generating both income and growth. Can you explain what type of investments are available for me and how to go about starting this procedure? A. Australian […]
  • Q&A 304
    Q. I am 78 years old and a pensioner. My daughter is a single mother and has two young children at school. They are both having private tutoring and this is costing my daughter $100 per week. Being a pensioner, am I allowed to pay for the tutoring myself as I am financially able to […]