• Thankful

    Grazzi ħafna, dear Editor and all those involved in producing The Voice of the Maltese, which I send to my cousins, families and friends in various parts of the globe as well as Australia wide.   

    Many were born and bred overseas and they enjoy learning about Malta, the country of birth of their parents, its customs, history and what it has to offer nowadays etc. They also forward it to others.  

    Nancy Serg nee Borg OAM  

  • Cannot believe what he is reading….

    I could not believe what I was reading. So much is happening in Malta, most of it of top priority,  yet The Voice prioritises an unimportant controversy (for us, the Maltese community living abroad) resulting from two singing contests. I watched the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which was streamed on Malta’s Television station, TVM, and was impressed with the talent of the Maltese singers.

    As your reporter correctly claimed, Malta never lacks controversy, and one would also have expected it this time. But to give this item so much importance and prominence over nationwide decisions taken of late is beyond me. I am sure that none of us outside of Malta cared about it.

    Paul Zammit

  • With thanks to The Voice of the Maltese

    We the undersigned form an unattached group of veterans from the old country seeking friendship and camaraderie in a very simple but effective way, meeting every day at the Greystanes Shopping Centre, Merrylands Road, Greystanes NSW.

    We discuss everyday issues, exchange opinions and reminisce about old times in our country of birth Malta. These moments together are important in our lives as we struggle with nostalgia at times for the country that gave us birth.

    The Voice of the Maltese has become very important to us as it keeps us well informed. Lawrence Dimech is an important part of our group as apart from delivering The Voice of the Maltese each issue, he assists us with help and information as required.

    We thank him and wish him well in his retirement.

    Some of the Maltese elders that congregate daily at the Greystanes Shopping Centre. Photo: Lawrence Dimech

    Bill Grima, Frank Hili, Arthur Abela, Marchello Micallef, Joe Micallef, Lorry Micallef, Joe Vella, Fred Caruana, Sam Sultana, Charlie Frendo, Charlie Cilia, Reno Attard, Marcello Azzopardi, Paul Farrugia, Sam Power, John Fenech, Charlie Xerri, Joe Tabone, Fred Magri, Victor Portelli, Joe Camilleri and Fred Carabott.